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Thinking ahead and ensuring tomorrow's mobility

Major efforts are required to design the future of mobility in a sustainable way which also protects our resources. For years, PTV employees from different subject areas as well as planners and software developers have been involved in national and international research projects in order to develop in interdisciplinary teams concepts, strategies and models for sustainable mobility.

The research findings are used for continuous quality improvement of both our products and consulting services. Our customers are our research partners: their questions and issues provide important input to our research and development activities.

We focus not only on demographic change, civil security, eco-friendly logistics and climate protection but also on electric mobility and maintenance of infrastructure as the backbone of our economy. PTV's unprecedented competence in traffic and logistics makes it possible to address all these issues based on an integrated approach. This characterizes our research and development activities as well as our tailor-made customer solutions.

PTV Research brings together experts from the fields of transportation and logistics, traffic planning, urban planning, economics, information technology and project management.


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Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther

"Interdisciplinary tasks require comprehensive solutions and common ideals – PTV has multidisciplinary teams, which understand and advise the planners and companies."